We have had the awesome opportunity of working with Timbersled and several other snow bike companies since 2013. we are also very excited about our latest snow bike settings. Because of the snow bike kit there is a huge load transfer to the front of the bike, therefore the forks need to be re-sprung with custom springs and ALL stages need to be re valved to keep the bike balanced and to keep the ski from plowing. From novice trail to aggressive back country or pro snow cross we have you covered!



Your suspension receives more then just an oil change, they get a true overhaul. When rebuilding a suspension it is very important to inspect all components including the the cartridge, springs and inner and outer fork tubes for damage and wear. Also, the axle clamps need to be check for cracks and damage. At C&M we take the extra time to make sure your suspension receives the attention it deserves.

After the inspection is complete they are cleaned completely, piston faces are resurfaced, shims checked along with all of the other parts and spring pre-load adjusted if needed. Full service includes:

SKF Seals

Complete disassembly, scrub and rinse, inspect all components, resurface inner tubes, Brush hone outer tubes, replace with  dust and oil seals or OEM N.O.K (where applicable), and oil, adjust spring pre-load, oil level & clicker adjustments to riders’ specifications.

All pricing does NOT include Gold Valves, Emulators, Springs or wear parts (not Listed)