Hill Climb

Hill climb suspension

Because of the extended swing arm is is imperative that the shock is lowered, re valved and re sprung. Also, the bike will hinge and transfer the load to the front of the bike (much like a snow bike) so it is also just as important to re valve all stages and re spring the forks.



Your suspension receives more then just an oil change, they get a true overhaul. When rebuilding a suspension it is very important to inspect all components including the the cartridge, springs and inner and outer fork tubes for damage and wear. Also, the axle clamps need to be check for cracks and damage. At C&M we take the extra time to make sure your suspension receives the attention it deserves.

After the inspection is complete they are cleaned completely, piston faces are resurfaced, shims checked along with all of the other parts and spring pre-load adjusted if needed. Full service includes:

SKF Seals

Complete disassembly, scrub and rinse, inspect all components, resurface inner tubes, Brush hone outer tubes, replace with  dust and oil seals or OEM N.O.K (where applicable), and oil, adjust spring pre-load, oil level & clicker adjustments to riders’ specifications.


Damping Rod (full service only)$225
Damping Rod With full service & Emulator Install$275
Open Cartridge (full service only)$245
Closed Cartridge/PSF (full service only)$250
Open Cartridge re-valve/Gold valve install (with full service)$295
Closed Cartridge, PSF (full service only)$230
4CS, TAC, (Full service only)$275
Closed Cartridge, PSF, 4CS, TAC, Revalve/Goldvalve install (with full service)(4CS conversion price above included)$275
Sportbike (full service only)$275
Sportbike – Revalve/Goldvalve Install (goldvalve not included)$325
Snowbike – Revalve/Goldvalve install (with full service)


(gold valve not included)(Custom Springs WILL Apply NOT included in pricing)

Custom Springs (Price varies per application)


Chrome silicon wire, shot peened, heat treated, 100% tested


All pricing above does NOT include Gold Valves, Emulators, Springs or wear parts (not Listed)

The Importance of having a spring shot peened:

When a spring is wound, it puts microscopic cracks in the wire. The shot peening process effectively welds the cracks together therefor mitigating the possibility of failure.

Shot Peening:

Shot peening is a cold work process used to finish metal parts to prevent fatigue and stress corrosion failures and prolong product life for the part. In shot peening, small spherical shot bombards the surface of the part to be finished. The shot acts like a peen hammer, dimpling the surface and causing compression stresses under the dimple. As the media continues to strike the part, it forms multiple overlapping dimples throughout the metal surface being treated. The surface compression stress strengthens the metal, ensuring that the finished part will resist fatigue failures, corrosion fatigue and cracking, and galling and erosion from cavitation.



Full service includes: Complete disassembly, scrub and rinse, inspect all components, resurface shock shaft, replace oil, recharge nitrogen, adjust spring pre-load & clicker adjustments to riders’ specifications.

Dirt/UTV/ATV/Sportbike – Revalve/Goldvalve install W/Full service$265
Dirt/ATV/Sportbike – (full service only)$175
WP/Ohlins/Sachs Call for pricingCall
Custom Springs (Price varies per application)


Chrome silicon wire, shot peened, heat treated, 100% tested

(Customer has choice of powder coat color)